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Winter in The Ozarks is amazing. Eagles are here in larger numbers and several are nesting pairs that fledge young every year.


Temperatures can dip below freezing at night or warm into the 70’s during the day. You just need to be prepared for anything.


While large amounts of snow and ice are uncommon here, sometimes we get enough to build a snow fort or freeze a small creek’s water fall.


In the spooky spirit of Halloween, some past guests sent us the above picture of some local rock graves. When developed, this one grave had a swirl of mist floating over it.



Nothing beats the peace and serenity of canoeing the cove and upper Lake Norfork.


Winter Striper fishing is a big draw here at Lake Norfork and this 17 pounder is not uncommon. Use a Guide if you are new to the lake.


Come enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful winter morning at Lake Norfork.


You might even feel like you can walk on water but we suggest  the shore & trails.